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Do You Use Mulch to Help Your Trees Grow?

Are you using the proper food for your floras when planting trees or gardens at your Maryland home? They say you are what you eat, so make sure you are feeding them adequately and with an excellent source of nutrition. Otherwise, they could take longer to grow or may not grow at all and die before flowering. When we say we recycle 100 percent of the waste we gather from tree trimming and tree removal, we mean it. The professionals at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. use the scraps from limbs, logs, and more to create mulch for future projects and for filling in the holes left behind when grinding out stumps. We have the tools and the knowledge to produce food for your trees and plants, allowing them to live happy and healthy lives. Mulch is excellent as sustenance for your plant buddies. If you’re ready to learn more about how we make our mulch and how you can use it to help your flowers, trees, vegetables, and more, call today!


What are the Benefits of Using Mulch Around My Property?

Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. wants to offer the best for your property’s plants, trees, bushes, vegetables, and more. Our mulch is certified organic and offers many benefits outside of adding appeal to the look of your area. We use the scraps and bits leftover from previous tree removal and tree trimming projects as well to help keep costs down. Our recycling techniques help create high-quality mulch for businesses and homes all over Maryland. Below are some of the other benefits our mulch can offer your property and your landscape:

  • Retains moisture in the soil for feeding
  • Since it’s organic, it contributes to soil health.
  • Helps with weed control
  • Protects your soil from erosion
  • Repels specific bugs depending on the wood used

How Much Mulch Do I Need For My Project?

Mulch Calculator

How Do You Create Mulch at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc.?

All our mulch comes from projects completed right here in Maryland. When you call us for tree trimming and tree removal services, our professionals turn around and use those leftover materials to create organic mulch. We can even use this for another project around your property. You spent a lot of time growing and nurturing your tree to live healthily, but when the inevitable or accidental happens, do not let them go to waste. Our professionals are equipped with the industry’s best tools to create a healthy mulch for your other plants. This mulch can provide valuable nutrients for your plants and offers plenty of other benefits.


When Should I Call Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. for Mulch?

Have you noticed the soil is of poor quality? Are you looking for the best way to use tree trimmings or scraps from a recent tree removal? Do you need a natural way to help prevent weeds in your garden? Mulch is the answer, and Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. helps by creating it for you when you need our services. When you want your tree to live on after we remove or trim it, allow our professionals to turn it into mulch as a recycled option for your landscape. Call us today for further information and assistance.

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