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The Firewood Yard

A division of Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc.
In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint with wood as a renewable resource we have started “The Firewood Yard”, a division of Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. The recent formation and purchase of the Cord King CS2030 will allow us to be 100% renewable. Cutting and splitting 5 cords per hour will allow us to fill all our customer’s needs. Check out the machine in action below:

With the firewood business, our goal remains the same, to provide the best firewood at an unbeatable price. Our mixed seasoned hardwood mixture consists primarily of oak with small amounts of maple, locust and cherry. Firewood is cut at 16-18” and evenly split to make for easy stacking. Firewood products are available year-round for delivery or pickup. Specialty orders can be made for specific length and a price difference may apply.


Mixed Hardwood

16″ – 18″ length split

1 Cord – $350.00

1/2 Cord – $210.00

1/4 Cord – $125.00

Within Severn – No delivery charge within 21144 Zip Code
Outside Severn – Charge is based on distance
We offer delivery only; no stacking

Please complete the form below and someone will get back to you shortly: