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Maryland’s Tree Removal Experts

If you own or rent property, chances are you’ve got trees. While caring for and maintaining trees can be a fulfilling hobby for some people, most choose to have professionals take care of their greenery because they don’t have either the time or the knowledge to keep their trees healthy and strong. When you feel like you need an expert’s assistance, you can turn to Unlimbited Tree Service Inc of Severn, MD. We are a locally owned company that serves both the residential and commercial residents of Maryland. We are dedicated to helping you maintain a clean, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing yard for either your own personal enjoyment or for others, whether it’s guests or customers. Our services are available all year round, so you can always give us a call at (443) 517-6881!

Comprehensive Tree Services

Here at Unlimbited Tree Service Inc, we have certified arborists on our staff who know the best ways to keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy. Whether you lack the time for proper tree care or you’ve run into a problem that requires professional attention, we’re always here to lend you a helping hand. The services we can perform for your home or business include:

Tree removal
Tree trimming
Tree pruning
Tree care

If you’re worried about how we handle the debris we take from your property, you’ll be pleased to know that we are environmentally conscious. We proudly recycle all wood and debris by repurposing it into mulch.

We are flexible

Whether you need us to come out for a one-time tree removal service or you require regular tree trimming services, Unlimbited Tree Service Inc can do it all for you. We work tirelessly around the clock so you don’t have to! Although contracts are available, we don’t require you to sign one since we understand the constraints of doing so. Whatever your tree service needs are, our expert staff will talk in-depth with you to determine what the best plan of action is, and then move forward from there. If you aren’t sure about what you need, or you’re starting with a blank slate on your home or business, we can draw upon our years of experience to get you the best results possible.

Top-quality service

We’ve served the state of Maryland for over 17 years and maintained a stellar reputation because of our dedication to the best quality possible. All of our work is held to the Tree Care Industry’s Standards and Regulations as well as ISA standards, and our work performed is always prompt, safe, professional, and skilled. Unlimbited Tree Service Inc is a member of Voice of Tree Care and an ISA-certified arborist, and we hold a Maryland Tree Expert License. Trees are more to us than our business—they are our passion, area of expertise, and way of life.

Learn more about our tree services by calling now at (443) 517-6881!

Our Satisfied Customer