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Man cutting a tree with machine

Rick Hynson

Best Friend, Cousin, Contractor

Rick was responsible for getting Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. to sell firewood in the first place. He would take leftover wood from our sites when we completed projects and would cut, split it, and deliver to our Glen Burnie, MD customers. He would cut logs for days and sit on the log splitter to create high-quality firewood. No matter how high the stack of firewood got, Rick has happy to deliver it.

He was a proud father of four kids and always found time to help us on-site whenever we were shorthanded. He loved to work, loved to play, and if you wanted to have a good time, you called Rick. Rick was not only a cousin, but he was the one person you called when you were having a bad day.

On Sunday, August 30, 2009, Rick was crabbing in his boat around Marley creek, like he did every weekend when he was tragically struck by another ship. This boating accident ended Ricky’s life, but not his memory. Every time a client calls for wood, it reminds me that there is a missing link that can never be replaced. He will always be missed and lives on in everyone whose lives he touched.

Call Our Office or Email Us

If you would like to be placed on the list for log drop off, please call the office or email us. You will be placed on our drop-off list and when we are in area 12” – 20” logs can be dropped off for your personal use.