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Tree Cabling and Wiring in Maryland

Tree support system services from
the state’s trusted team

We all know that trees grow. Most of time, this growth is beneficial: It provides our properties with shade, beauty, and extra privacy. Sometimes, however, tree growth can pose risks to our homes and business — and, in some cases, the trees themselves. In cases where a tree canopy has overextended and grown to pose a risk, tree cabling is often needed to direct growth and structurally support the tree. Tree cabling involves the placement of discreet steel cables in a tree’s canopy to reduce risk and improve the tree’s health and appearance. Both nuanced and intensive, tree cabling is a job that’s always best left to the professionals. Here at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc., our Maryland tree experts have decades of experience providing quality tree cabling services to properties statewide. When you want the best for your tree, our team is the one to call. Read on to learn more about tree cabling services below, and call us at (443) 517-6881 today!

Maintain structural integrity

What is tree cabling and when is it used?

In addition to water and nutrients, trees need a substantial amount of sunlight to grow. In fact, sunlight is so important to trees that virtually all species of trees will grow toward the largest source of sunlight. Over time, tree limbs extend like arms to literally “reach” for more sunlight. In certain situations, this growth can lead to problems for neighboring trees, buildings, and sometimes the growing tree itself. Often, trees can literally outgrow their own base and develop a canopy that is too heavy to support. Trees that were not previously pruned or trained for good structure when young can exhibit V-shaped crotches (also called co­dominant stems) that have weak branch unions, often with included bark (bark growth between stems).

Arborists call this problematic growth “overextension” and employ several methods to mitigate it. In some cases, tree trimming and pruning can be effective in correcting overextension; however, in many other cases, more extreme measures are required. In such situations, tree cabling is the treatment of choice. Tree cabling involves the installation of flexible steel wires or beams to add supplemental support to specific limbs of the tree, thus maintaining its overall structural integrity and preventing damage to the surrounding property. Tree cables are also used to restrict the movement of growing limbs.

Special Training, equipment & experience

Why hire a professional for tree cabling?

In theory, tree cables could be installed by everyday homeowners or business owners — but that would require these individuals to have special training, equipment, and an experienced eye for cable placement. For these reasons, tree cabling is a job that should always be performed by a trained professional. Tree cables are affixed at strategic spots in a tree to address several aspects, including tree preservation, risk reduction, aesthetics, and increased tree vigor and health. Trained and experienced arborists know where and how to place these cables to maximize results in all of the aforementioned areas. As a final note, tree cables are typically placed high up in a tree’s canopy, which poses a safety risk and should best be left for an insured team with trained climbers or crane operators.

Tree cabling specialists

The benefits of tree cabling at
Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc.

If your tree is in need of structural support, there is no better team to work with than our tree cabling professionals here at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. Below, we’ve compiled just a few benefits our tree cabling team brings to the table.


Thorough analysis

Before beginning a cabling job, we always perform a thorough inspection and analysis of every tree, providing our clients with best possible recommendation going forward (even if it is not cabling).

Excellent results

When cabling, we pay special attention to both the tree’s needs and the needs of the property owner. Our work is performed to address tree preservation, risk reduction, aesthetics, and increased tree vigor and health. Plus, our cables are nearly invisible!

Affordable rates:

We are proud to charge competitive rates for all our commercial and residential tree cabling services.

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