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Tree Removal Services in Glen Burnie, MD

We Provide Exceptional Tree Trimming and Removal Services

When you have unsightly or unhealthy trees on your property, you need the expertise of a professional to trim or remove them. Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. has been serving homeowners and business owners throughout Glen Burnie, MD and the surrounding area for more than two decades. We provide comprehensive tree removal services to ensure safety and exceptional results. We have dozens of crew members adept at pruning and trimming trees, clearing lots, maintaining trees’ health, and various other proficiencies. Our team is experienced and passionate, with a commitment to upholding high standards for all of your tree care needs. We have compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, but feel free to call us with any of your own. Our friendly office staff will be happy to help.

Why Should I Consider Tree Removal?

Tree removal should be considered a last resort, but there are several instances in which it becomes necessary. The team at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. can help you determine whether tree care or tree removal is the appropriate course of action. We recommend tree removal services if your tree is:

  • Dead or dying
  • Irreparably hazardous
  • Causing an unsafe obstruction
  • Harming nearby trees
  • In the way of new construction

What Is the Tree Removal Process?

The tree removal process begins with an analysis of your property. Our tree removal specialists will visit your home or business to assess the trees you need to remove and provide an estimate for the service. We begin by trimming small limbs before taking down the tree. Our professionals then use a skid steer, grapple trucks, and other state-of-the-art equipment to safely and efficiently remove the logs. We recycle 100% of all removed trees. Finally, we will grind your stump and fill the resulting hole with your tree’s wood shavings. Do not try to remove trees on your own. Tree removal requires professionals, and a Maryland State Tree Expert must take down any trees greater than 20 feet tall.

Why Should I Get My Trees Trimmed?

Tree trimming is essential for many reasons. Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. is proud to offer tree trimming services to ensure your property looks its best. Among the advantages of trimming your trees in Glen Burnie, MD are:

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal – By shaping your tree and improving its appearance, you will impress neighbors and passersby.
  • Increased Safety – Broken or dead tree limbs pose a safety hazard because they could fall at any time. Trimming them provides a safer yard for your family or customers.
  • Improved Health – We are committed to the health of your trees. Trimming an infected tree by cutting its affected branches can help it survive.

Does Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. Prune Trees?

Yes. Tree pruning varies slightly from tree trimming. While trimming helps ensure your tree will grow appropriately, pruning protects it. Our pruning services will eliminate dead, loose, or infected branches to allow your tree to thrive. The experts at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. are capable of pruning trees and shrubs.

What Season Is Best for Tree Service?

The best time of year for tree trimming and pruning services is when your plant is in its dormant season. Exceptions can be made if your tree poses a health or safety risk. We recommend trimming trees twice per year and pruning them annually.

Do You Provide Lot Clearing Services?

Yes. Our experienced professionals use industry-leading equipment to perform lot clearing services throughout Glen Burnie and the surrounding area. When trees, shrubs, or debris stand between you and a new construction project, let us clear your land and set the foundation for your new development.

How Does the Tree Care Process Work?

We are committed to providing tree health care for the vegetation on your property. As a certified arborist, we know how to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of all species of trees, bushes, and shrubs. We can even help you choose a tree that will best fit your property based on space, soil, and sunlight. Once your tree is in place, our tree care services include:

  • Providing nourishment in the forms of mulch and water
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Disease diagnosis and prevention

Contact Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. Today

Maintaining the health of your trees and the appearance of your property are among our priorities. The tree removal specialists at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. are proud to offer professional tree care services to homeowners and business owners throughout Glen Burnie, MD. We are happy to schedule an appointment with you or provide emergency services when disaster strikes. Contact us today.