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A few reasons people trim or remove trees? Most pressing is safety: weakened, dead, or decaying branches or entire trees, dealing with hazards that may have resulted from a storm. Other times, reasons include improving the health or natural form of trees and foliage in your residential yard or commercial area. Whatever your reasoning may be, unLIMBited’s certified arborists and technicians are highly qualified and prepared to take care of a variety of full-service tree service needs in Catonsville, Maryland.

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Tree Services Catonsville MD

Full-service Tree Care Professionals

Trees can be beneficial for many reasons: they add beauty and value to yards and landscaping, and there are numerous health advantages they add to the environment. Unfortunately, there are also times trees can prove hazardous, especially when they are neglected, or perhaps infested, around housing and businesses, parking, or near walkways. unLIMBited has over 15 years of professional experience with regular trimming and pruning done under ANSI A300 (Part 1) 2001 pruning standards—ensuring the reduction of these and other risks and promoting the healthy and safe condition of your trees. Do you have problems with dead or dying trees? Additionally, we can work with you to decide what factors— seasonal, environmental, sentimental, or otherwise—contribute to the proper care, and in certain instances, the removal of trees, helping to maintain your green space in an appropriate manner.

We have the right equipment, including manual climbers and bucket crews, to make your job a successful one, while also leaving your yard or commercial space in better shape than we found it. In addition to tree trimming and removal, unLIMBited can:

  • At the removal site, prime lawns for future re-planting
  • We backfill all chips from stumps into the hole, unless otherwise requested
  • All removals greater than twenty feet must be taken down by a Maryland state tree expert

For help with Baltimore County tree removal or tree trimming, please contact 443-517-6881 today.

Emergency Tree Services

We understand time is of the essence in crisis situations, and offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Popular for its parks and trails, community events, and welcoming small-town feel, Catonsville touts a main street with a diverse selection of restaurants and businesses, as well as stellar educational, commercial, and economic offerings. Founded in 1810, Catonsville is also home to an assortment of Maryland tree species, many of which are as longstanding as the town’s inception. When considering storm damage care, tree removal, or preventative maintenance for your trees in Catonsville, count on unLIMBited for meticulous, thoughtful knowledge and experience.

Locally owned and operated since 2001, our Maryland tree professionals can provide you with:

  • Free estimates
  • Tree removal and tree takedowns
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Storm damage clean-up

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